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.oh scandal! oh scandalous!oh murder!oh murderous!
13 March
you're no good at pretending

all my plays have tragic endings
:..you wish i was a fairy tale..:

this frog will never change anything..

just pretend that you're in love.
a christmas story, a static lullaby, abandoned buildings, alicia silverstone, alkaline trio, art, barbie christmas trees, barbies, baseball tees, beads, big words, bike videos, blood brothers, blood for blood, boys wearing girls shirts, boyshorts, bracelets, brittany murphy, brooklyn, bubblegum, but...i'm a cheerleader, candy necklaces, carebears, carrie, chasing amy, christina ricci, circle takes the square, city of caterpillar, clerks, cookies, courtney love, crazy beautiful, cuddling, cupcakes, cute tummys, diaries, diners, dreaming, emiliana torrini, evil dead, eyeliner, eyes, eyes of verotika, feeling left out, filming, finding nemo, fireflys, five stars for failure, flip flops, forstella ford, fuzzy handcuffs, girl interrupted, girls, glassjaw, glitter, godspeed! you black emperor!, guitars, gummy bears, hair clips, hoodies, horror films, hot cross, hung by hope, i have dreams, ice cream, intelligence, keepsake, knife the glitter, lemonade, lip gloss, liprings, lollipops, love letters, making out, making shirts, malibu barbie pink, marilyn monroe, maryjanes, masturbating, maximum overdrive, messy hair, morgan storm, mosh pits, movies, nakedness, olsen twins, orange banana juice, painted nails, parties, patches, patrick fugit, photography, pi, piercings, pink, playing dressup, pleated skirts, poetry, quizzes, rainbows, requiem for a dream, romance, room 117, room 408, saetia, salvation army, screamy emo metal, search and destroy, secrets, sex, shady view terrace, shoes, shows, singing, skateparks, sleep, sleepovers, snow days, soccer, stars, stephen king movies, stillwelle, stuffed animals, sugar shoes, sweatbands, sweaters, text messages, the 80s, the assistant, the beach, thongs, tight shirts, trains, transistor transistor, trophy scars, trouble, tube socks, van johnson, vintage, volatile shoes, walls of jericho, yale, you and i